Sachi Curcuma Complete Protein

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  • 100% Organic and Vegan Protein
  • 100% Gluten Free & Paleo Friendly
  • 0% Sugar
  • 7g of Complete Protein (contains all 9 essential amino acids)
  • Keto Friendly (1 Total Net Carb)
  • 669mg Omega 3 per serving
  • 17 Servings per container
  • 10% Organic Curcuma powder
  • Transported by plane to ensure the highest purity, potency and quality
  • Ideal as a vegan gluten free flour substitute
  • BPA Free

Sachi Cúrcuma: a Nutrient-Packed Superfood

Sachi Cúrcuma Complete Protein Powder is an ideal superfood due to its many potential health benefits from combining Incaliving’s organic Curcumin and our organic Sacha Inchi protein powder. This superfood is perfect for the keto diet or when supplementing for wheat flour.

This incredible superfood has been utilized throughout the world as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. The turmeric root contains rich bioactive medicinal compounds called curcuminoids; it is these curcuminoids that give the root a vivid yellowish color and are possibly linked to a range of health benefits (Ahsan et al, 2).

Potential Health Benefits

Curcumin’s Antioxidant Power:
According to some researchers, curcumin may help reduce oxidative stress (Lin et al,9), which occurs when there are too many free radicals in your body and not enough antioxidants to help cleanse them (Karimian et al, 10). In addition, curcumin may also contribute to stimulating antioxidant enzymes in the body that may help in the fight against cell aging and neurodegeneration (Abrahams et al, 11). Antioxidants are so vital since free radicals can damage proteins and even DNA, which may lead to long-term, low-grade and possibly chronic health issues and why curcumin could potentially help in many ailments (Kunnumakkara et al, 12).

Brain Health and Mood Enhancement:

Next, Curcumin may contribute to aiding in the fight against Alzheimer’s (Tang et al, 13) and dementia (Small et al, 14) because curcumin may help with increasing the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a growth hormone necessary for healthy brain activity (Goozee et al, 15). BDNF is a key molecule involved in learning and memory because it stimulates the growth of new neurons in your brain (Patel et al, 16). Curcumin has also seen potential links as a natural antidepressant (Sanmukhani et al, 17) and thanks to the many possible ways it can help with brain, it is a great way to improve mental (Zhu et al, 18) and brain health (Hucklenbroich et al,19).

Inflammation Management:

Although inflammation is a natural process of the body for necessary repair and healing, long-lasting or out of control inflammation has been connected to possible health problems, like heart disease and obesity (Heaton et al, 22). Because curcumin can help suppress molecules that play a big role in causing inflammation (Yin et al, 23), it might help ease exercise-induced inflammation of the joints, muscle soreness and aiding the fight of possible chronic diseases linked to inflammation, like arthritis (Daily et al, 24). It could also aid in recovery for sports athletes as a study found “Curcumin and bromelain may also provide a recovery benefit during the competitive season” (Heaton et al, 25).

Not only is curcumin possibly helping with inflammation, so too will the omega 3s found naturally in sacha inchi (Ramos-Escudero et al, 26). Together these two anti-inflammatories work to help potentially reduce the inflammation of the joints and muscle soreness from exercising while possibly aiding in the fight against chronic diseases linked to inflammation (Nascimento et al, 27).

Blood Pressure and Heart Health:

Additionally, since curcumin may potentially help in lowering blood pressure (Hadi et al, 28), imagine the possible impacts of Sachi Curcuma because sacha inchi could also contribute to heart health (Gonzales et al,29) and may assist in lowering blood pressure (Gonzalez et al, 30).

Weight Management and Dietary Fiber:

Similar to some of the weight loss properties in curcumin, sacha inchi also may help in the fight against weight gain (Sathe et al, 31). Fiber (linked to gastrointestinal health) represents approximately 75% of the carbohydrates in sacha inchi seeds (So et al, 32), and more research is supporting the idea that when it comes to diet, fiber-rich whole food sources of carbohydrates are superior to refined carbohydrates (Reynolds et al, 33).

Skin Health:

Next, because sacha Inchi seeds are high in antioxidants gamma-tocopherol and phenolic compounds, they may help protect the body from aging faster than natural as antioxidants help to fight harmful free radicals (Cisneros et al, 34).

Additionally, Sacha Inchi contains a balance of the fatty acids Omegas 3, 6 and 9 (Kim et al, 35), which when coming from a renewable plant source (Fleming et al, 36) could be just as effective as fish oil according to more and more research (Maurer et al, 37).

Incredibly, our flour contains about 7g of proteins and that is so important for the body’s hair, nails and muscle maintenance and growth (Gonzales et al, 38). Plant proteins have also been shown by scientists to potentially “prevent the onset of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, i.e., hypercholesterolemia and hypertension, in humans” (Chalvon-Demersay et al, 39).

Amazingly, there are approximately 6,700mg of pure Omega 3s, which is so important in diets because of the numerous potential health benefits (Fanali et al, 40). For instance, it may help in improving the appearance of the skin, while also reducing wrinkles, sun spots and blemishes (Soimee et al, 41). Also, sacha inchi’s omegas may have soothing anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent psoriasis and eczema (Raveendran et al, 42).

Potential Cholesterol Benefits:

Next, sacha inchi could possibly help in reducing cholesterol simply by replacing bad fats (Chirinos et al, 43). There are more and more studies regarding cholesterol (Garmendia et al, 44). In fact, sacha inchi may help lower the LDL (Alayon et al, 45) as well potentially increase the HDL- after four months of an experiment between sacha inchi and sunflower, it was the Inca Peanut impacting and raising the HDL the most (Gonzales et al, 46). Click here for other potential health benefits or to learn about all natural and organic sacha inchi products).

Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 in
Item Form

Fine Powder

Dosage Form



Curcumin, Sacha Inchi

Unit Count

30 Servings

Material Feature

100% Vegan, BPA-Free Packaging, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Transported by Plane, USDA Organic

Allergen Information

Corn-Free, Dairy-Free, Dedicated Facility, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free

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