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At Incaliving, we pride ourselves on bringing you the riches of nature through our all natural and organic products, and our curcumin, which is derived from organic and all natural turmeric root extract, is no exception.  Incaliving’s turmeric is indigenous grown in Pampa Camona in the province of Chanchamayo and is known in Peru as the “Heart of the Jungle” at the foothills of the Andes for the incredibly nutrient rich soil used to cultivate the root. It is here in the wonderful climate and altitude that helps create the all-natural and organic turmeric root, which is part of the ginger family.

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At Incaliving, we pride ourselves on bringing you the riches of nature through our all-natural and organic products, and our Curcumin derived from Turmeric root extract is no exception. Packaged at the source in Peru, our 71g Curcumin Powder provides so many potential health benefits that it is an incredibly simple superfood to add to your daily diet.

Incaliving’s organic and all-natural turmeric root extract is grown at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Pampa Camona. The province of Chanchamayo is known in Peru as the “Heart of the Jungle” because of the incredibly nutrient rich soil, which helps cultivate some of the finest and purest turmeric roots (Sandeep et al, 1). It is in this wonderful climate and altitude that our organic turmeric root with 99% curcuminoids is grown, making us one of the few companies offering such a high percentage of curcuminoids — meaning some of the the best tasting and most potent curcumin on the market and available to you and your family!

This incredible superfood has been utilized throughout the world as a medicinal herb for thousands of years. The turmeric root contains rich bioactive medicinal compounds called curcuminoids; it is these curcuminoids that give the root a vivid yellowish color and are possibly linked to a range of health benefits (Ahsan et al, 2).

Additionally, research has shown how black pepper can help potentate the possible health benefits of curcumin and turmeric (Shoba et al, 3), which is why Incaliving’s Curcumin Powder comes with the perfect amount of pepper already added.

Because we strive for the purest and most potent superfoods, Incaliving’s Curcumin is carefully and quickly packaged at the source and then transported via plane to our US distribution center. By packaging at the source, an expensive process many companies wouldn’t consider, we can maintain the highest overall quality better than our competitors’ curcumin since potency is lost the longer it remains in transit and unpackaged.

Potential health benefits:

Curcumin’s antioxidant like properties:

According to some researchers, curcumin may help reduce oxidative stress (Lin et al, 4), which occurs when there are too many free radicals in your body and not enough antioxidants to help cleanse them (Karimian et al, 5). In addition, curcumin may also contribute to stimulating antioxidant enzymes in the body that may help in the fight against cell aging and neurodegeneration (Abrahams et al, 6). Antioxidants are so vital since free radicals can damage proteins and even DNA, which may lead to long-term, low-grade and possibly chronic health issues and why curcumin could potentially help in many ailments (Kunnumakkara et al, 7).

Curcumin may help inflammation:

Although inflammation is a natural process of the body for necessary repair and healing, long-lasting or out of control inflammation has been connected to possible health problems, like heart disease and obesity (Heaton et al, 8). Because curcumin can help suppress molecules that play a big role in causing inflammation (Yin et al, 9), it might help ease exercise-induced inflammation of the joints, muscle soreness and aiding the fight of possible chronic diseases linked to inflammation like arthritis (Daily et al, 10). It could also aid in recovery for sports athletes as a study found “Curcumin and bromelain may also provide a recovery benefit during the competitive season” (Heaton et al, 11).

Anti-cancer properties?

Curcumin has been potentially linked to inhibit the growth of melanoma cells (Siwek et al, 12), but it also may cause tumor cells to destroy themselves, like in the study regarding breast cancer (Wang et al, 13). More and more science seems to be supporting the potential connection between curcumin and the fight against cancer, which “…could represent an effective drug for cancer therapy” (Giordano et al, 14).

Curcumin may aid against viral infections:
Amazingly, the curcumin in turmeric could help possibly eliminate certain viruses within the body (Mounce et al, 15) such as: a type of coronavirus found in pigs as well as shown to possibly inhibit the replication of some viruses, including dengue virus, hepatitis B and Zika virus (Balasubramanian et al, 16).

May impact positive brain health:

Curcumin may contribute to aiding in the fight against Alzheimer’s (Tang et al, 17) and dementia (Small et al, 18) because curcumin may help with increasing the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a growth hormone necessary for healthy brain activity (Goozee et al, 19). BDNF is a key molecule involved in learning and memory because it stimulates the growth of new neurons in your brain (Patel et al, 20). Curcumin has also seen potential links as a natural antidepressant (Sanmukhani et al, 21), and thanks to the many possible ways it can help with the brain, curcumin is a great way to improve mental (Zhu et al, 22) and brain health (Hucklenbroich et al, 23).

May help in digestion, liver health and fat loss:

Turmeric may contribute to stimulating cholagogue, (Clarembeau et al, 24), which controls bile production in the liver and contributes to the releases of gallbladder bile into the digestive tract (Ghosh et al, 25). Bile helps to break down and digest the fats in our foods and that is linked to vitamin and mineral absorption. Curcumin may help suppress the growth of fat tissue and aid in weight loss because it may be linked to inhibiting new blood vessel growth (Teich et al, 26), called angiogenesis, which is necessary to build fat tissue (Wu et al, 27).

Why buy from Incaliving?

Overall, it’s clear to see what separates Incaliving’s 100% organic Curcumin Powder, but in addition to being one of the finest superfoods on the market, we are also committed to helping the world through the many initiatives we participate in through various means. For instance, something that our competitors rarely can afford to participate in is sustainable farming. This is essential in wanting to continually produce the finest, purest, most deliciously and organically grown curcumin while also preserving the land to benefit future generations of superfood consumers and earth conscious people.

In addition to our commitment to sustainability, we also take pride in our initiative to have our workforce (90%) be mostly women. The empowerment of women, especially in Peru, gives them a chance to leave poverty and provide them more opportunities to feed their families and grow/start their own businesses. You too can take pride in knowing that your purchase has helped support this initiative.

Lastly, 10 percent of all online profits are donated to Love Your Neighbor Asia, a nonprofit here in the United States but with a grass roots effort in Thailand helping in the fight against sex trafficking. We encourage you to visit their web page or their Facebook page for more information about this amazing foundation, this wonderful cause, or if you would like to donate.



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45 Servings

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100% Vegan, BPA-Free Packaging, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Transported by Plane, USDA Organic

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Corn-Free, Dairy-Free, Dedicated Facility, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free

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