The simple and direct Training Program & Nutrition Strategy to increase your Testosterone, ramp up your sex drive, boost your self-confidence, make you stronger, and help you live longer.
Step 4: Consume 15-18 grams of maca a day, divided in three equal doses of 5-6 grams with EVERY meal, which is roughly a teaspoon per meal. I have been to Peru many times since 1997 and every time I go there I buy all different kinds of maca. The two best brands I have tried are Ecoandino and Inca Living ( Ecoandino you can only get if you are down in Peru, otherwise your best bet is to order online from as they have a blended maca I like very much. You may want to contact Daniella and ask for bulk powder instead of tablets so that you can take the amount of maca I took in this experiment. I know some people that take one heaping tablespoon of maca with their breakfast, but I tried it and it is not as effective as the three teaspoon method, even though “technically” the amount is still the same.
Now you know EXACTLY what I did to increase my Testosterone by 127 points
naturally! Follow this plan to the letter and you will get similar results

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