Cacao may help mitigate the risk of diabetes and hypertension

May possibly help with weight loss and burning fat

Cacao may have health benefits for diabetic patients

Could potentially help in reducing inflammation

May help improve cardiovascular health

Could assist in slowing the progression of premature aging and skin health

May possibly help with better mood or enhancement of mood

May help inhibit cancer growth

Could help lower blood pressure

Harvard study showed more antioxidants for cacao than blueberries

May aid in bone health

Could possibly increase heart rate naturally leading to potentially more energy

Could help combat fatigue

May help in fighting tooth decay

Healthy digestion is another potential health benefit

May improve insulin production in the body

May help remove toxins

Possibly helps in improving airflow

May naturally help improve cholesterol

May aid in a restful night’s sleep

Could help with differs of gout

May aid those with an active thyroid

Potentially helps protect pancreas

May help with Kidney stones

Possible usage as an Anti fungal

Antimicrobial agent

May stimulate healthy nail growth

May help enhance sexual desires/libido

May help naturally speed up metabolism

Could help protecting against sun burns and ultraviolet light

Peru has been shown as possibly the best place to grow cacao

Cacao nibs may help with coffee storage