For those who are new to maca, starting with the Triple Maca is recommended as it provides a comprehensive set of health benefits by combining all three colors of the Maca root in one powder

Health benefits for men and women as this root is an adaptogen:

  • Increases sexual desire, lubrication and endurance (Red Maca)
  • Helps with hormonal balance, decreases peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms. (Red Maca)
  • Increases mental and physical agility (Black maca)
  • Promotes Thyroid Support (hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism) (Red Maca)
  • Fights against Free radicals (Red Maca)
  • Helps healing of wounds (Red Maca)
  • Helps reduce enlarged prostate and increases free testosterone (Red Maca)
  • Detoxifies and oxygenates the body (Black Maca)
  • Promotes Hair and nail growth (Red Maca)
  • Clears skin from acne due to hormonal imbalances ( Red Maca)
  • Strengthens muscles, bone and immune system (Black maca)
  • Helps regulate cardiovascular and nervous system (Black Maca)
  • Increases motility and mobility of sperm (Black Maca)
  • Increases quantity of sperm (Red Maca)
  • Protects against UV rays from inside out (Yellow Maca)
  • Contains powerful antioxidants (Black maca)
  • Helps reduce stress levels and panic attacks ( Red maca)
  • Known as an antidepressant (Yellow Maca)
  • Helps prevent and potentially reverse osteoporosis after menopause (Red Maca)

Recommended Dosages:

Take 1 teaspoon a day for about a week, then increase to 2 teaspoons per day. After 2 weeks see how you feel and are able to increase or decrease as needed. Each teaspoon contains 5g and according to Peruvian diet is recommended to take 2-6g per day in order to feel all the heath benefits.

For Capsules:

Start with 2-4 capsules per day for about 1 week. After, increase to 6 capsules per day for the remainder of 2 weeks. Then, you can increase or decrease as needed. Two capsules = 1g.

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