Incalivings optimal health package

Incalivings optimal health package

1 Triple Maca powder, 1 Red Maca powder, 1 Black Maca powder, 1 Sacha Inchi spread, 1 Sacha Inchi oil, 1 Curcumin powder,  1 Maca cacao powder, 1 Cacao powder, 1 Cacao nibs

This is for the true Incaliving lovers that understand the powerful benefits of combining all of our superfoods and those who want to try them. Get the entire collection for a synergistic effect in order to maintain or nurse yourself to good health with all the properties that each and every one of the superfoods provides.

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Triple Maca, Red Maca, Black Maca powder: 250g, 226g and 150g

100% Organic gelatinized Maca powders

50 days supply, 45 days supply and 30 days supply

serving size: 1 teaspoon a day

Sacha Inchi oil and Sacha Inchi spread: 250ml, 7oz

100% Cold pressed, organic raw Sacha Inchi oil and Sacha Inchi seeds

30 days supply approx, 10 days supply

High content of Omega 3 ( 1Tbs= 6,700mg)

Perfect balance of Omegas (3,6 & 9)

6g of plant protein

No cholesterol or preservatives

No sugars

Curcumin powder: 100% Organic Turmeric root extract with 99% curcuminoids 2.5 oz

Serving size: 2 scoops, 45 days supply

*Contains black pepper extract for better absorption*

Maca Cacao, Cacao powder and Cacao nibs: (70% gelatinized Maca powder, 30% raw cacao) 10 0z, 100% organic raw cacao 9oz, 100% organic raw cacao bites 40z

5 g of protein

9 g of fiber

No sugars


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Weight 10.0 lbs