incaliving triple maca energy and inmmune package

incaliving triple maca energy and inmmune package

1 Triple Maca powder, 1 Red Maca powder, 1 Black Maca powder

Make the best out of your maca experience. Take the triple Maca powder as a great maintenance but also to add an extra boost to your brain function and cognition. Increase your oxygenation with the extra black Maca, and with the extra red Maca boost your hormone balance, better hair and nail growth, as well as increase your free testosterone and sexual performance.

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100% Organic gelatinized Maca powder 250gr, 226g and 150g

50 days supply; Triple Maca powder

45 days supply; Red Maca powder

30 days supply; Black Maca powder

serving size: 1 teaspoon

All colors of Maca root (60% Red, 20% Black, 20% Yellow) in Triple Maca powder

Harvest at 15,000 ft of the Andes where research shows the best quality of Maca grows

Bottled and packaged at the source for maximum potency and purity

Transported by plane to ensure highest quality

Gelatinized: An ancient Inca method of “lightly” cooking the Maca root for 2 seconds by pressure in order to eliminate the toxic enzymes of the tuber while preserving ALL of its nutritional value and acquire a 99.9% digestibility.


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