Incaliving endurance sex and love package

Incaliving endurance sex and love package

1 Triple Maca powder, 1 Red Maca powder, 1 Cacao powder

Combine all the powders for baking desserts; adding to shakes or smoothies to enjoy a more “exciting” evening. This Maca combination can help a woman have more sexual desire, better skin, more lubrication, and a better mood; while for a man, he has increased free testosterone, sexual performance, and less stress. Enjoy them together for a “spicier” holiday.

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100% Organic gelatinized Maca powder 250gr and 226gr

50 days supply; Triple Maca powder

45 days supply; Red Maca powder

serving size: 1 teaspoon

All colors of Maca root (60% Red, 20% Black, 20% Yellow) in the Triple Maca powder

Harvest at 15,000 ft of the Andes where research shows the best quality of Maca grows

Cacao powder: 100% Organic raw Cacao powder 256g (9oz)

Our cacao powder comes from the skirts of the Amazonian jungle in the town of Tingo Maria- Peru, we carefully sun dry our cacao beans to develop a richer and smoother taste.

Bottled and packaged at the source for maximum potency and purity

Transported by plane to ensure highest quality

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